Catalyst for Hospital Transformation

EmpowerHMS is the catalyst heralding in a monumental transformation of a network of Rural Hospitals into generators of revenue that will reap benefits for decades to come. Every facet of EmpowerHMS’s business model is marked by the characteristics of an economic “game-changing event” led by visionary experienced leadership.

The innovators of EmpowerHMS have spent decades doing 360- degree and 3-dimensional research on why rural hospitals fail and what resources are available to generate unrealized revenue streams for their success.

Feasibility, Pre-Operations and Commissioning

  • Retaining a viable local hospital in your community
  • Feasibility Studies and Business plan development
  • Project Management Consulting
  • Corporate and Funding Partner Portfolio Strategy
  • Due Diligence Management

Investor Relationship Management and Equity Story Development

It is imperative that rural hospitals open up channels to funding by employing programs and services that draw capital from outside the community, supplementing the entire facility and affording it reliable continuity. We are resurgence of both Rural Hospitals and Rural America and our purpose is unlike any other. With the help, guidance and support of community leaders across the country, we are rapidly moving rural hospitals off their historic financial rollercoaster, giving them the chance to reach that objective of being economic and healthcare engines for their communities.

Hospital Commissioning and Start-Up Assistance and Support

Unlike any other health care startup, the designation, license and insurance credentialing and contracts held by a Rural Hospital makes available to it streams of revenue that can be quickly opened up, avoiding tremendous costs incurred by infrastructure expenditures and bureaucratic hurdles.

Hospital Operations Management and Strategic Consultancy

  • Compliance and Regulatory Readiness
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Strategic Business Planning Services
  • Operational Assessment and Operations Consulting
  • GAP Analysis and Corrective Action Planning
  • Care Model Improvement and Clinical Quality Transformation

Capacity Building

The following is only a selection of new service strategies that have been successfully employed to move our hospitals beyond fiscal solvency:

Opioid Treatment Behavioral Health Services Interventional Cardiology
Retail Pharmacy Detox and Rehabilitation Dialysis
Wound Care VA Super Choice Radiology Outreach
Industrial Health Network Program Chemotherapy Pain Management Clinic
Urgent Care Centers Chronic Disease Management Diabetes Clinics

Digital Technology Transformation

Implementing technologies and introducing facilities to widely developed networks and partnerships, EmpowerHMS is transforming community hospitals into epicenters of health care, allowing them to service patients far beyond their typical region through a myriad of programs

  • Lab Outreach – With a rural hospital’s licensures and contracts already intact, EmpowerHMS provides every facility with the most ultramodern laboratory technologies and equipment, along with the most highly trained staff to make each lab outreach program a newly minted means of drawing in patients and capital to the facilities.
  • Telehealth / Telemedicine - Medicare, Medicaid, V.A. , DOD and othergovernmental agencies are currently breaking down all barriers to promote and use telehealth/ telemedicine . Technology is being used and payment systems are in place for local primary care physicians to grab hold of this huge opportunity for small hospitals to install telehealth/telemedicine multispecialty clinics. This also spins off increased utilization use of all the hospitals ancillary outpatient services and Pharmacy.
  • Remote Pharmacy Services - Major developments are in place and new legislation has allowed for pharmacists to deliver direct prescribing to patients. Clinicians can now do face to face medication therapy management (MTM) in even the most remote or isolated locations. The Physician makes the order to our retail pharmacy, and within 30 days Pharmacists can direct bill for service.

EmpowerHMS goes well beyond any benchmarks by enlisting the most cutting- edge technologies and procedures proven to capture every possible savings, while also enhancing the quality of the services, staff morale and viability of each facility.

Experts at technology optimization

Sustainability and Financial Transformation

  • Leasing of Select Acute Care Hospitals
  • Purchasing of Select Acute Care Hospitals
  • Skilled Nursing Facilities
  • Marketing and Outreach Education Consulting
  • Revenue Cycle Review and Enhancement
  • Medical Equipment Planning and Procurement
  • Cost Report Enhancement and Management
  • Group Purchasing Savings and Enhancements
  • Contract Review and Management

Executive Search, Interim Management and Human Capital Development

  • Leadership Assessment and Training
  • Leadership Search and Placement Services
  • On-going CEO Coaching and Mentoring
  • Professional Resources
    • Physician Employment Arrangements
    • Specialty Provider Employment Arrangements
  • Contracting and Shared Services
    • Ancillary Providers
    • Interim Healthcare Professionals
  • Productivity Enhancement and Workforce Management
    • EmpowerHMS has consolidated the staffing needs for a host of administrative services under one umbrella; eliminating overlap and redundancy throughout the system, driving efficiency. EmpowerHMS also partners with ERx, an emergency room physician staffing company. This strong and successful partnership has introduced our hospitals to a high caliber brand of physician, at a severe cost reduction while enhancing patient care delivery.
  • Self-Funded Health Insurance Program
    • Uniquely structured self-funded employee health plans can save hospitals and systems several million dollars annually when compared with traditional commercial plans.
  • Achieving Excellence in Physician Practice Management

Information for Financial Partners

We welcome inquiries from qualified potential financial partners about how you can join this revolution in bringing BIG ideas to rural and community hospitals and empowering them to become the heart of their communities.