About Us

Rural Community Hospital Management Leader

EmpowerHMS is a leader in the management and ownership of rural and community hospitals throughout the nation. It is a family-owned business, which has grown over 3 decades and is viewed as a success story throughout the healthcare industry.

Failing Hospitals begin to Thrive and Survive

Headquartered in Kansas City, with regional offices throughout the country, EmpowerHMS is a pioneer in implementing numerous innovative programs and services that pulls revenue from outside each community, allowing the hospital to not only survive, yet thrive. Further, the company prides itself on the mantra that “without compliance, there is no sustainability” and deploys industry leaders to every facility to ensure that each has the tools and technology to meet and exceed the myriad of regulatory standards at every level.

Empower HMS Changes the Course of Rural Hospital Closures

From its inception, EmpowerHMS was specifically formed to radically and effectively change the course of rural hospital closures. EmpowerHMS includes a network of forward-thinking pioneers who are well-versed in what is needed to place a hospital in a position of sustainability. HMS executives have decades of experience in the healthcare industry. EmpowerHMS is unmatched in its efforts to save and rescue rural hospitals. Our leadership efforts, using our innovative and proprietary methods, have led to one hospital alone realizing over tens of millions of dollars of revenue, allowing it to pay off the bulk of its $8 million debt in a short six (6) months, turning the tide towards profitability.

Unwavering Commitment to Rural Communities

Every week, the EmpowerHMS team meets with elected officials, community leaders and employees of failing hospitals, bringing with them the funding, tools, and knowledge base to rescue their facilities. EmpowerHMS is unwavering in its commitment to helping make every rural hospital, and every rural community an enduring success story.